Kenji Kojima - "Whether in London"

This is the second music video for my music project "Kenji Kojima". The footage was recorded in London. I then composed the song specifically for this video.

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Kenji Kojima - "Atarashii Sekai"

The first music video for my music project "Kenji Kojima". An urban voyage across the globe, featuring footage filmed in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Shanghai and New York.

Hafencity Hamburg

Hafencity is Hamburg's biggest current urban development project. An area of 157 hectares at the northern shore of the river Elbe is being redeveloped from its former industrial use into a new borough combining residential and commercial use. The proximity to the river is one of the key elements of the scheme and is expressed in many river promenades and visual axes of the river Elbe and the busy activity of the port on the southern side of the river. As the development is ongoing, each visit to the area will reveal new developments in this rapidly changing part of town.

On multiple occasions in spring and summer 2013, I roamed the district to capture scenes on film and compiled them into this video.

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